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Amorous Amsterdam

Why not whisk your partner away this Valentine’s Day for a naughty little break in the notoriously liberated city of Amsterdam? Don’t think back street sleaze as this is a city that’s been attracting tourists for a long time and does so with relative class and sophistication. Not only is it refreshing to experience such openness about sex and prostitution but it’s also extremely beautiful and full of culture. It can make the perfect destination for a fun-loving, pleasure-seeking couple. Get in the mood before you go with some Adult Sex toys. For more information, visit http://sexcite.co.uk/. Let’s take a look at some of the sights you’ll want to include while you’re there.

The Erotic Museum sits right in the heart of the Red Light District and is worth a visit while you tour the area. Just make sure you don’t take any photos of the girls on display in the area as your camera will be confiscated. Some interesting exhibits include a bicycle –powered dildo and some of John Lennon’s erotic drawings. Lovers of Bettie Page will enjoy the original photos of the S&M muse on display. Since 2009, it has put on temporary exhibits in the Sexy Art Gallery on the third floor, which raises the pulse. However, things on display might be interesting, I don’t think you’ll find them particularly erotic. The museum tries to shock and engage but it’s not particularly sexy. You might have more luck finding something to get your pulse racing in one of the many nearby sex shops.

Amorous Amsterdam

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Casa Rosso does not do subtle and leaves little to the imagination. The entertainment features striptease girls and couples having full-on sex, and there’s a soft-core S&M performance thrown in for good measure. A recent attempt to drag things out of the gutter with a safe-for-work matinee burlesque show seems to have been abandoned in favour of the time-tested ‘standard’ fare. It’s certainly worth a look, if just to have something to laugh about back home when you tell everyone you’ve seen a real live sex show.

For some seriously kinky gear, take a trip to the erotic store Webers Holland. The founder, Desiree Weber wanted to be an inventor but instead turned her hand to more erotic inventions. Her flagship store offers avant garde fashion, fetish gear, gothic lingerie, club and party wear. The store stocks Dutch erotic brands such as Tykaboom, Bizonder and Breathcatchers and attracts a great variety of customers including strippers, artists, dancers, students, tourists and even housewives. This is the perfect spot for a browse with your nearest and dearest.

If you feel like you should really soak up some culture while you’re in Amsterdam, then you won’t have to wander too far from the naughty action to find some. The Oude Kerk began life as a simple wooden chapel in 1306, but today rates as Amsterdam’s most interesting church. It once had 38 altars, each with its own priest. Now it serves more as a radical contrast to the surrounding Red Light District, but still holds lessons: the inscription over the bridal chamber states ‘marry in haste, mourn in leisure’. Also note the Gothic and Renaissance façade above the northern portal, and the stained-glass windows, parts of which date from the 16th and 17th centuries.


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