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Amazing lung facts

Unless you’re a biologist or doctor, chances are you don’t know much about lungs except that they are essential for breathing. Lungs are an incredible organ and here are some fascinating lung facts:

  1. 13 pints

An individual will breathe in on average, 13 pints of air in a single minute.

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  1. Different Sizes

Our lungs are not equally sized. To make way for the heart, the right one is bigger than the left in humans.

  1. They float!

Not many will know this, but the lungs are the only human body organ that will actually float in water.

  1. As big as a tennis court

It might come as a surprise that if you were to flatten out your lungs, they would be big enough to cover the size of a tennis court!

  1. Harmful substances

Asbestos is one such material that is no longer allowed in construction but still found in older buildings and can cause devastating lung damage if disturbed into the atmosphere. For Asbestos Removal Birmingham, visit a site like TES Environmental, a leading Asbestos Removal Birmingham company.

  1. Oxygen isn’t all that

You might think that breathing is all about oxygen but not so. Air only contains about 21% oxygen and our bodies absorb only around 5%, the rest being exhaled.

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  1. Breathing rate differences

Women and children have a faster rate of breathing than men.

  1. Water

We exhale as much as 17.5ml of water every hour.

  1. Take a breath

The average individual will take around 20,000 resting breaths every single day!

  1. Work out

You can improve your lung health by carrying out regular exercise. Those who take regular exercise can improve their lung capacity and allow oxygen to be carried through their bodies quicker.


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