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Admiring Kigali’s changing skyline

As Rwanda moves further and further away from its troubled past, its phoenix-like rise has led to many changes in its cities’ appearance. Take Kigali, for example, where the skyline has been changed beyond recognition by a flurry of building works that have transformed the architectural landscape of the capital and largest city.

Admiring Kigalis changing skyline

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Hotels, offices, apartments, conference centres and exhibition centres are bringing Rwanda well into the 21st century, with its most prestigious buildings attracting worldwide attention.

The iconic Kigali City Hall has already attracted architectural acclaim as one of the most impressive city halls on the continent, with its opening ceremony attended by the country’s president, Paul Kagame. At a cost of $14m (£9.7m), however, it is not the most expensive of the new construction projects.

Add the cost of building Kigali Convention Centre, Kigali Heights, M Peace Plaza and Vision City to the mix and the investment in the city runs into hundreds of millions of dollars.

The natural landscape of Rwanda

For tourists looking to visit this beautiful country, Rwanda has much to offer beyond its new and modern architectural splendour.

Gorilla trekking is probably still the primary reason people think of travelling to Rwanda, with specialist companies such as steppestravel.co.uk providing guided gorilla treks and other Rwandan holiday ideas.

The habitat of the wild mountain gorilla, the Virunga Mountains are spectacular, but then so are the wildlife safaris with the opportunity to live in either tented or wooden lodges.

For lovers of wildlife and the natural landscape of this region, there is the chance to visit the sites of volcanoes that give shape to Rwanda and provide a habitat for the most amazing flora and fauna.

Travel information

If you are considering travelling to Rwanda, it is important to read the health and safety information provided by the government to ensure your stay is as carefree and safe as possible.

Although Kigali is relatively crime-free, once you go out into the countryside there is a possibility of political volatility and the UK government recommends being vigilant at all times.

As long as you are aware of the issues, are travelling with a reputable company and have taken the necessary precautions, the experiences you will have in Rwanda will stay with you for the rest of your life.


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