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Add Value to Your Home with these additions

There is something very satisfying about personalising your home and turning it into your ideal pad. There can be a problem, though, if your ideas about style and comfort to not coincide with market trends. This means that your investment could even reduce the value of the house.

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Even if you are convinced that you will remain in your home for ever, your circumstances may quickly change. It is always best to make changes to your home that will add to, rather than detract from, its value.

Here are some top tips for changes that you can make to your home that you will love and which will add value should you decide to sell it.

Joining the Inside with the Outside

An indoor-outdoor floor plan is always popular with house-buyers. If the kitchen or living space can appear to seamlessly flow into an attractive outdoor entertaining space, it can give the interior of the house a feeling of light and space.

According to property development guru Phil Spencer, a great way to add value to your home is to make the garden as accessible as possible.

Bi-fold doors and French doors are a cost-effective way of joining the inside and outside living areas.

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A new kitchen

Adding a new kitchen to your property can have huge benefits when it comes to selling as it will add lots of value and give your home a fresh new look.  There are so many different choices available and you could even design your own and get it built for you through services such as a Kitchens Doncaster company at websites including https://www.christies-interiors.co.uk/kitchens.

Plenty of Storage Is Attractive

Houses need plenty of storage or they end up looking cluttered. It is simply not possible to store bikes, scooters, garden equipment and tools inside a house in a satisfactory way.

Adding a garage adds value. If you pop in a Garage Workbench it’s even more attractive to buyers. They will be able to visualise the outdoor storage area as somewhere where they can pursue hobbies and do some DIY.

Adding an Extra Bedroom

It’s always a good idea to add another bedroom, but not at any cost. If the construction costs of an extension or a loft conversion are prohibitive, it will be hard for you to recoup the investment should you sell.

Also think about how the extra room may detract from the feel of a house. Will a new extension take up too much of the garden and leave you with less outdoor space? Will the stairs to the loft conversion impose on another bedroom? Larger bedrooms are always more popular and usually worth the investment.



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