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A set of Famous chairs

When we watch television and films we are supposed to be focusing on the performance of the actor and actress, but there are times when the scenery starts to play its part as well. Here are a few examples of the when the chair itself starts to become integral to the plot and the characters development. Not convinced? Let’s look and see.

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  1. Martin Cranes Chair in Frasier. This utter monstrosity of a recliner was the source of much anger for Frasier as he tried desperately to get his Father Martin to take an Eames Office Chair Replica. He wants the Eames Chair that he may well have purchased from https://www.pash-classics.com/eames-eiffel-chair as it is more in-keeping with his décor in the flat. Martin refuses, and the chair starts to take on a life and character of its own. It sits in the centre of the apartment illustrating the differences between the two men. It has an earthy quality, patched up with duct tape and completely at odds with its cultured and considered surroundings. It becomes an example of the love that Frasier holds for his Father when after the chair is destroyed, he orders a new one and even has to import the pattern fabric from Eastern Europe so that it looks identical to the original.
  2. The Iron Throne in Game of Thrones. Not exactly a comfortable seat but it’s certainly one of the most contested and sought after. Made from the thousands of swords of the defeated enemies of the first Targaryen King Aegon and forged with dragon fire, the Iron throne has remained the seat of ultimate power over the seven kingdoms of Westeros. There is a point, literally, to the Iron throne as Aegon believed that a King should not sit comfortably on a throne. The throne in the show seems to give off a malevolence as if the swords enjoy the blood that is shed over who gets to sit there.

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  1. The Captain’s Chair in the USS Enterprise. Occupied by two of Starfleet’s finest ever, Captain’s Picard and Kirk. The Captain’s chair has changed as much as the Enterprise itself. A seat located in the middle of the ships bridge for the earlier incarnations of the Enterprise. It then relocated to a more central seat framed by the Captains first officer to his right and the ships counsellor to the left.
  2. Blofelds swivel chair. A pretty cool G Plan chair that swivels for dramatic effect. It illustrates the power that Blofeld feels when Bond enters the room. He is not afraid of the agent at all, so much so that he keeps his back to him. Either that or he doesn’t want Bond to see him feeding the cat some treats!


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