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A guide to buying static mixers

A static mixer looks extremely simple: it consists of a series of geometric shapes, called elements, inside a plastic tube, and has no moving parts. However, if you need to mix two different components into one smoothly flowing, fully integrated adhesive, then a static mixer is vital. It will help you to join the two materials and give you much more control when you come to dispense the adhesive. There’s also less waste, reducing costs.

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However, it can be hard to decide which mixer is the right one for the job. So, below are some essential questions that you should answer before picking the best mixer for you.

What are you going to dispense from the mixer?

The materials will define the best mixer to use. The pressure that the nozzle can handle and the expected flow rate will be key factors. With a cartridge, the volume produced is limited, and you will get a fair amount of back-pressure. An alternative is to use a pneumatic dispenser. Many cartridge mixers have bayonet fittings.

Do you need to produce a large quantity?

If you want to produce large amounts of material, a meter mix machine is the best solution. Locking nuts are often used to attach bell mixers. These can be used with a metal sheath when high pressure dispensing is required, but safety must be maintained.

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What components are you mixing together?

The number of elements needed in the tube is directly related to the amount and type of mixing required for the components being used. Acrylic needs a lower number of elements than urethane, for example. If the materials you are using have very different viscosities, you’ll need a higher number of elements to get a homogenous mix.

Some static mixers Statiflo static mixers are specifically designed for use in foaming applications, typically inside extruding machines, where one of the components may be being used as a coolant to maintain a certain temperature inside the extruder.

What do you want to use the mixed material for?

Cartridges can come with a number of different outlets, to help in very precise applications. Bear in mind the final use of your mixture when picking the mixer.

Hopefully, the answers to these questions will help you to pick the best new static mixer for your intended use.


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