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A Dog Owner’s Guide to Keeping Your House Clean

Whether it’s walked in mud, hair on the sofa or chewed up biscuits hidden under the dresser, dogs can be a lot of work. However, there are ways to keep your house clean without sending your friend to the dog house.

House Clean

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Muddy Paw Prints

From the cities to the farms, all dogs walk on their feet and track dirt wherever they go. Wiping and mopping footprints off the floor or even worse, scrubbing the sofa if they make it that far, can be a nightmare. Good dog hygiene is essential here, and by that we mean, a good routine.

Establish a rule that the dog only comes in and out of the house via the kitchen or back door and set up a paw wash station by the door. A quick wipe with a wet towel dipped in lukewarm water and a thorough drying off, will reduce a considerable amount of work. And if it’s wet outside, remember to towel dry your dog’s body too.

Excess Hair

The biggest challenge for most owners is hair. Whether it’s a Husky or the relatively easier poodle, there will still be shedding, both seasonal and daily. Naturally, this needs to be vacuumed or swept but with good maintenance, this can be reduced considerably.

Book regular appointments at your doggie salon, or, if you need dog grooming in Cheltenham, with services like Blossoms pet care or others. Depending on your breed, a summer and winter trim might be enough, but more importantly, most professionals offering dog grooming in Cheltenham can show you how to brush your dog twice weekly to reduce hair loss in the house.

In Your Bed

For home cleanliness, a dog bed or several dog beds are recommended. A dog bed allows your dog a space of their own, somewhere they can go to show that they want to be left alone. It also allocates a space for the chewing of toys or treats and this helps keep fragments of rubber and biscuit in an easy to clean place.

In the end, dog ownership is a privilege with many different obligations. From regular visits to the vet to making time to go to groomers, they keep us on our toes, but most owners would agree – we wouldn’t want it any other way.


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