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A delicious slice of wedding cake

Among the many big decisions you need to make when planning a wedding, a cake must be one of the most enjoyable because you get to do all that tasting! However, it can be difficult working out how to make sure the cake fits the style and theme of your wedding. Modern brides are turning not just to bakers but to cake designers to help them come up with delicious creations that are almost too beautiful to eat. If you are looking to set up a cake making business supplying brides and grooms with some delicious cakes you should ensure that you have all of the safety requirements in place and you could speak with a Food Safety Consultants such as https://mqmconsulting.co.uk/ to ensure that you comply with all the legislation that is relevant to your industry.

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Finding inspiration

It shouldn’t be too hard to come up with a starting point, whether it’s your colour scheme or a favourite detail from your dress. Vintage wedding ideas are an example, where the lace from your dress could be replicated on your cake. You can always use the flowers from your bouquet as your reference point for a really feminine and romantic cake, or you can go for something really personal.

Cake designers can be challenged with missions like representing the couple’s cultural heritage in a cake, such as the bride who wants to pay tribute to her Mexican heritage with bold colours or the couple who wants their cake to play out the story of how they met! Don’t leave cake planning to the last minute; give yourself plenty of time for design revisions and tastings.

Choosing a flavor

Underneath the decorations, there is also the tricky question of what flavour cake you choose. Fruit cake might be traditional, but not everyone loves it. Chocolate is always a favourite, and then there’s your personal favourite and choices like lemon drizzle. You might also want to consider wedding guests with unusual dietary requirements. The solution seems to be different flavoured tiers or layers – say a fruit cake at the bottom for traditionalists followed by a layer of chocolate and finished with a final gluten-free, vegan tier.

Your head is probably starting to spin at the thought of all these options. After all, you’ve already had to think about a dress, a venue, a guest list and a honeymoon! Don’t hesitate to call in expert help.

Ultimately, you’ll want to make sure your cake suits you rather than anyone else’s idea of how your wedding should be.


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