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A Bad Hair Day = A Bad Day

Who knew that our hair could have such a big impact on the way we feel? Surveys have revealed that when we’re having a bad hair day, our confidence plummets and we just know we’re going to have a rotten day! Of course, a great hair day makes us feel like we can take on the world. Why is it that this stuff on our heads can impact so greatly on how we feel?

A survey carried by the hotel chain Travel Lodge asked 2000 women about how their hair made them feel. The results suggest that women spend 20 years of their lives worrying about their hair and on average experience 3 bad hair days a week, leaving them grumpy for almost half an entire week!

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Let’s see if we can break that bad hair and bad mood cycle. It could be that your bad hair days are caused by one of the following:

  • No time for washing

Had a hectic schedule and fell asleep before washing your hair? Don’t panic, reach for the dry shampoo to tide you over until you can give it a good, thorough clean. Sometimes life just gets in the way of our hair-washing routine which is why dry shampoo is ideal until you get back on track.

  • Need a hair cut

You’d be surprised how much better even just a trim can make you look and feel. Tidying up ends and layers could be just the thing for taming those tresses. Your hair will style more easily and sit better with even the simplest of tidy ups so book your appointment today. For Gloucester Hairdressers, visit headkandyhairdressing

  • Changed your products?

If you’ve recently started treating with your hair with something new then bear in mind that products can work differently on different hair types. Try to pair up the right product with your particular hair issue or type of hair but sometimes it’s just a case of trial and error, with some suiting you better than others. If in doubt, speak to a salon professional who can advise you on what’s best for your hair.

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  • Nourishment Needs

Both summer and winter can dry out our hair, leaving it frizzy, prone to split ends and becoming brittle. Try leave-in nourishing treatments like hair masks once a week to give your hair some TLC and hydration. Dry and blonde hair will benefit greatly from this kind of attention and you’ll find your hair starts to feel and sit better.

  • Over washing

Yes, it is possible to wash your hair too much. We really shouldn’t be washing it every day or we strip the hair of its natural oils, depriving the hair of the chance for essential nourishment. Putting chemicals on our hair and scalp every day is not healthy, can make it too dry and therefore prone to breakage. Save yourself from the grumpiness of potential bad hair days and don’t think you need to wash your locks every single day of the week.


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