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5 Top Ways to Manage an Overseas Assignment Successfully

One of the benefits of doing business in a global economy is the opportunity to send some of your most talented individuals overseas to learn, grow and build upon their skillsets to enforce positive change within your business.

5 Top Ways to Manage an Overseas Assignment Successfully

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Investment into employee relocation services can be more than worthwhile, but understanding how to make the most of the situation is vital. Here are five ways to ensure your overseas assignments are a positive investment for your business.

Person and Purpose

Every business decision needs to be based on well-considered and solid foundations. You need to make a meaningful case for every overseas assignment to ensure that it is the right decision for your business.

The individual you choose needs to be committed, able to develop their skillset and prove themselves as being a real asset to your organisation. Minute Hack highlights that overseas assignments can enhance a variety of skills including resilience and adaptability.


Ensuring your employee doesn’t feel disconnected is important because, as the DT Moving website details, a seamless transition leads to a settled and productive employee. The best sponsors will have been overseas themselves and will understand the challenges that will be faced on all sides.

Consistent Communication

Communication is the key to a successful assignment and both parties need to make an effort in this area. Updating each other on a monthly basis may work but you may find that more frequent communication is more beneficial. Either way, you should establish a structure for communication so that everyone knows exactly what is happening at all times.


Returning to a team after a period of time away can be daunting, which is why discussing their return in advance is vital. Give the individual time and space to communicate what they’ve learnt and how they think their new knowledge can best be applied to the business.

Implement Knowledge

Making sure to make the most of an individual’s newly discovered knowledge is vital to ensuring that the benefits of your investment are fully realised. This can be done in a number of ways, including asking them to write a series of articles detailing their experiences, or hosting a sessions and inviting them to speak to the wider team alongside some guest speakers.


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