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5 things that copper metal is used for

As such a versatile metal, copper has many uses. It is an excellent electricity conductor, and it mixes well with other metals into different alloys for further use. Copper’s resistance to both bacteria and corrosion cement its place as one of the most adaptable materials around. It can also be moulded and bent into many different shapes which may be achieved by using Electric Press Brakes such as the ones you can find at companies similar to http://www.cotswold-machinery-sales.co.uk/euromac/electric-press-brakes/

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Copper is an environmentally friendly material as it can easily be recycled and reused, which appears to be driving a recent crime wave, as discussed by The Independent.


Copper is often mixed with other metals to create an alloy. A common one is brass, which results from combining copper and zinc and is often used for decorative items. Bronze is the alloy resulting from copper being mixed with tin. Copper added to silver creates sterling silver, which is commonly used in jewellery making.

Chemical Compounds

Copper can also be combined with elements other than metals to create chemical compounds. The combination of sulphuric acid and copper creates copper sulphate, which is used to increase copper levels in soil or as a poison for slugs and snails. Compounds such as copper aspirinate can be used medicinally for rheumatoid arthritis.

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Copper is often used for wiring due to its conducting properties. For example, many home electronics will incorporate copper wires such as toasters and even refrigerators. Wiring within the home for sockets and lighting often includes copper in some form.


The versatility of copper also lends itself to use as a building material. It is mainly used for both plumbing and roofing but can also be found in door and window frames and guttering. Copper can also be used to heat a building in an environmentally friendly way. With advancements including metal bonding adhesives,, copper can be joined to almost any other material thereby increasing its versatility even further.

Wire coils

Electromagnets are created by winding copper wire into a coil and passing electricity through it. The electricity makes the electrons in the copper atoms move around causing the copper to become magnetic. Electromagnets have many uses, including those at scrapyards, which are used to move large bits of metal. Copper coils are also included in many motors and dynamos or even as part of the transformers at a power station.

The uses of this fantastic metal really do seem endless!



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