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5 More Ways to Protect Your Skin in Winter

Everyone knows that summer means sunscreen to protect the skin from radiation burning by the sun. Winter months invite harsh skin reactions from the elements, and the cold and wind can draw out all the moisture and cause dry skin, rashes and rough skin areas. We all love a clear wintry day, but if those kind of days are making your rosy cheeks wind-whipped and sore, it’s not so great!

5 More Ways to Protect Your Skin in Winter

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Tips for Your Skin

Seeking specialist help from a dermatologist if you have severe skin cracking can be a good idea, as you may need medical moisturiser or cream as well as off-the-shelf brands like Vichy Normaderm Anti-Blemish Hydrating Care cream. Year-round moisturisers are a good idea, but get season-specific brands. Climate changes mean different skin-care routines, and you should keep up with that as much as possible. Moisturise more in the winter months than in summer with creams that are oil-based.

Skin that flakes, cracks and ends up bleeding is not skin that is rosy and kissed by Jack Frost. There are plenty of skin-protecting moisturises such as Vichy Normaderm Anti-Blemish Hydrating Care and others that are similar that work to protect the skin from the elements in the same way sunscreen protects the skin from sunburn. The heat isn’t the only thing that affects our sensitive skin, and with our faces and hands on display an awful lot, protection is needed and that is why we have gloves.

Natural Skin Therapies

According to an article on Health Impact News, there are plenty of ways to naturally moisturise your skin by using kitchen basics like olive oil or coconut oil. Going from the cold outside to the heat inside can really dry out the skin, so keeping it moisturised can prevent soreness and premature wrinkles. Products such as http://www.lifeandlooks.com/vichy-normaderm-hydrating-care.html are cost-effective and are suitable for those with sensitive skin types.

Ensuring you cover up your skin with the right moisturising lotions, sunscreen and appropriate winter wear, from gloves to balaclavas, can all be a part of making your skin the best it can be through the harshest weather. The winter months are hard enough to cope with as it is without having to also deal with chapped lips, cheeks and fingers that are suffering from chilblains.


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