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5 more ways to create a Scandi feel interior

Scandinavian interior design is known for its utility, simplicity and beauty. Famed for their long northern winters, the countries of Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland and Sweden conspire to contain effortlessly perfect homes with graceful spaces and harmonious accents.

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Bold rugs are often utilised in rooms that are otherwise simple and plain – a Moroccan one looks good against a dark wood floor. Rich textures such as lamps, textiles and artwork all combine to add interest while background colours remain muted.

Adding a natural feel with a flower arrangement brings texture to a room, while attractive hangings over the bed will improve any room. For a touch of drama, add in a dash of black.

Furniture is usually carefully spaced to give items room to breathe. Negative space means that rooms come over as interesting, rather than chaotic. Follow our tips to bring the beauty of Scandi style to your home too.

1 Mess-free interiors

A typical characteristic of Scandinavian design is to ensure that spaces are harmonious and free from clutter. Shelves and cabinets are judiciously arranged, with practical storage space incorporated. Less is more with this decor, creating a clean look that is calming and relaxing.

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2 Minimal window treatments

In keeping with the aim of letting in as much natural light as possible, Scandinavians tend to have windows without coverings. If material is used, preferred fabrics are light, such as sheer and linen. At night, the building’s illuminated windows resemble a charming postcard.

3 Simple accents

In Scandinavian design, accents are simple. For example, elegant ceramic Kähler Botanica miniature vases and Normann Copenhagen cushions with their geometric designs bring subtle colour and texture into the house.

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Here we suggest some useful Scandinavian decorating tricks: https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/decorating-tricks-to-steal-from-stylish-scandinavian-interiors-216893.

4 Warm textiles

In countries with a cold climate, the decor naturally encompasses warming textiles such as sheepskins, soft cotton, mohair or wool throws. They both provide a sensation of warmth and cosiness, and add texture to a space.

5 Metal and wood finishes

Scandinavian style witnesses the use of wood for both flooring and furniture such as coffee tables. Also popular are metallic finishes in accent pieces and lighting. Brass and copper pendant lamps and sconces add shine to rooms.


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