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5 More Things to Look for in the Perfect Meeting Room

If you want a meeting to be successful, you need to hold it in a room with all the appropriate equipment. This is especially true if you are spending a lot of money on room hire. You want somewhere that both looks professional and provides all the facilities you need. Here are just a few of the things you should look for before you make your booking.

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1. Light/Clear Walls

Human perception of colour and the different psychological effects that can be produced by different colours have long been the subject of scientific research. If you want to concentrate on your meeting, you want walls that will not distract you with too many colours and patterns. It is also best to avoid dark colours like black, which can feel oppressive and stunt discussion. White or other light neutral colours will probably be best.

2. Open Space

Everyone wants to be able to see each other in a meeting. Rooms where people have to sit around corners or behind pillars can cut off clear communication. It is also difficult for people to concentrate when they are squashed together. You want the room as open-plan as possible, with plenty of space for all potential attendees.

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3. Power Sockets

In the modern world, the attendees at your meeting are likely to have laptops or other electronic devices. This means you need a plentiful supply of power sockets to make sure everyone can remain charged and connected. This facilitates note-taking, research and references to previous discussions.

4. Connectivity

If you want your laptops to be utilised effectively, you need to have internet connectivity. This may mean Wi-Fi, or it may mean fixed line access or a supply of Ethernet cables. For wireless broadband, ensure you have the network name and password to log on as easily as possible. Many sites, such as the Windsor meeting rooms at royaladelaide.com/, provide complementary Wi-Fi for your convenience.

5. Presentation Facilities

You may want to show a PowerPoint or other form of presentation as part of your meeting. This means you need all the equipment to show it successfully. As well as your laptop, you may want screens or whiteboards or other projection equipment to make delivering any visual aids as simple and effective as possible.



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