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5 More Easy Home Improvements for Winter

Have some free time this winter? Why not tackle some home improvements to really make your home look its best? With the right tools and preparation, by starting now you could have a new living space for spring.

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Here are some tips for five easy home improvement projects for your house this winter.

1. Update Your Hardware

Like painting your home, replacing the hardware is a quick simple job that can bring a big difference to the interior d├ęcor. Change items such as cabinet pulls, hinges, interior knobs or other decorative embellishments in the home.

All you need is a screwdriver or power drill and wood filler.

2. Clear Out Your Rubbish

One of the biggest home improvements can come from simply removing the unused junk from your home and giving your much-loved items room to shine. You could achieve a big purge in one weekend and remove a great deal of clutter. All you need, along with some bin bags and boxes, will be steely determination and a plan for all your rejected clutter. Will it be donated to a charity shop? Recycled or sold on?

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3. Display Vertically

If you are running out of space for items in your home, utilise your walls! You could simply add hooks or floating shelves to take advantage of valuable square footage on your walls or add complex built-in shelves which use the wall space between studs. These can help display your adored items and store necessities, freeing more space in your home.

4. Home Sewing

Home sewing has become a big trend, and an increasing number of us are creating our own duvet covers, decorative pillow covers, tablecloths and curtains at home.

The right fabric, accessories and attitude can save you a fortune on expensive home furnishings. Novices can start with a simple sewing project such as a pillow case, with more experienced seamstresses tackling wonderfully customisable options such as curtains.

5. Build Your Dream Items

For dream pieces such as oak porches, consult a company such as bespoaktimberframes.co.uk.

You can create custom storage items and furniture yourself if you have the tools and space. For an excellent option if you rent or have limited or awkward spaces within your home, you could create custom-sized furniture such as bookshelves or storage benches.


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