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5 Hot Tattoo Design Trends in 2018

Tattoo trends come and go, but we seem to be cycling through passing fads in tattoo art quicker than ever these days thanks to changing social mores regarding this form of body art. And whether you enjoy seeing what other people put on their bodies or you’re looking to get a tattoo yourself, here are some of the biggest trends to watch for in 2018.

  1. Unusual placement. In the past, it’s been shocking to see visible tattoos on areas like the throat and neck, hands, and even on the face. Considering that some companies are still reticent to hire workers with tattoos and there is still a subculture stigma attached to this art form of permanent branding, it’s still a little strange to see a face tattoo, or even one on the hand where it is nearly impossible to cover with clothing. Still, reality shows centering on tattoo parlors, along with the many celebrities that are inking themselves, have started to make the practice somewhat more acceptable. And people are now looking for even stranger places to put their tattoos. One of the trendiest spots of the last couple years has been right behind the earlobe, but now some people are starting to put permanent ink on their ears, perhaps as an alternative to wearing earrings or as a way to showcase their favorite studs.
  2. Back collars. The trend of wearing collars as necklaces has started to fade, but now women have started turning this clothing trend on its head by tattooing permanent collars on their backs. In some cases they look like a chunky necklace worn backwards, while others resemble complex henna patterns or ethnic designs. Either way, they start at the neck and stretch across the shoulders, tapering to a point near the small of the back in most cases.
  3. Modern art. Most people aren’t keen on the idea of getting graffiti-style artwork permanently affixed to their bodies, but it might be a different story if you’re a big fan of guerrilla artist Banksy, just for example. And other modern art options, such as graphic designs, look to be a popular choice in the coming year.
  4. Tattooed rings. Thank god the trend of tattooing a moustache or the word “shh” on your index finger has gone out of style. Instead, women are opting to add permanent jewelry to their fingers in the form of tattooed rings. The latest trend involves using animal faces, such as tigers, lions, or other exotic species. Also popular are multi-body part tats that carry over from one finger to the next, or even match up when you put your wrists, hands, legs, or feet together.
  5. 3D tattoos. As tattoo trends go, you might not think that 3D art in tattooing is anything new. But what this current trend entails is not only creating the illusion of three dimensions on a 2D surface (i.e. your skin), but actually raising the skin to create a third dimension. This is done with injections of hyaluronic acid under the parts of a finished tattoo that you want to be raised. It lasts anywhere from 6 months to a year, after which the process will need to be redone in order to preserve the effect. Even though it’s not that easy to find tattoo parlors that offer this service, it is becoming more popular, so don’t be surprised if you start seeing 3D tattoos all over publications.



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