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5 great reasons to have UPVC windows

If you are considering replacement windows, your first decision will be whether to opt for wood or uPVC. Here are five great reasons why uPVC windows can save you time and money and look good for longer.

5 great reasons to have UPVC windows

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uPVC is low maintenance

You will never have to paint a window frame again when you choose uPVC windows. uPVC won’t warp, crack, peel or flake and stays looking good year after year. A wipe-over with water and detergent will keep them looking their best and you will save a small fortune in maintenance costs.

uPVC is durable and long-lasting

Good quality uPVC is durable, tough and will last a lifetime. Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride owes its strength and rigidity to vinyl, making it ideal for doors and window frames. It is not difficult to understand why uPVC now dominates the market, as it stays looking good for longer and won’t fade even when exposed to strong sunlight.

uPVC comes in a wide range of styles

uPVC windows come in casement, tilt and turn and even sash configurations to perfectly complement your home and décor, whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary look. To see the range of styles available, contact a window supplier in Dublin such as Keane Windows and receive advice on which will look best in your home. Sash windows offer elegance and can look surprisingly good in a contemporary setting, while traditional casement windows offer a range of framing options. Tilt and turn maximise opportunities for ventilation, even when it is pouring outside, thanks to their unique tilt opening operation.

uPVC offers better insulation

uPVC does not expand or contract; therefore, there are no draughty gaps, cutting down on heat loss and reducing your heating bills. As uPVC is a non-conductive material, it won’t transfer heat, keeping the internal temperature of your home warm and cosy. Fit double glazing in your uPVC frames and you will have highly energy-efficient windows, thereby keeping down costs and improving your EPC rating if you wish to sell in the future.

uPVC is resistant to rot

uPVC does not weather badly like wood and won’t distort and warp when it gets wet. Whatever the weather throws at your uPVC windows, they won’t fade, rot or corrode and your home will stray looking beautiful for longer.


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