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£23 roller blind costs NHS £850

Changing window blinds can instantly transform the feel of a room. They can be used as a feature, or to create a beautiful backdrop. The ever-increasing options available to consumers in terms of style, fabric, and cost, can ensure that your personality shines through at an affordable price.

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But just how much does it cost to replace a roller blind? It was recently reported in the press that fortunately, a ridiculous quote of £850 was rejected by a savvy NHS worker, who recognised that contractors were trying to exploit the organisation. This attempt to overcharge the NHS has been widely condemned as immoral profiteering.

So just how much should such blinds cost?

Apparently, the NHS ended up spending just £23 on a new blind, purchased from a well-known DIY store. We can only imagine that a plain practical choice was made, and, of course, over £800 was saved.

However, there is a huge choice of roller blinds on the market these days. For example, waterproof roller blinds can be purchased with personalised digital images, or beautiful stock photographs printed on them, from companies like UC Blinds (http://www.ucblinds.co.uk/PVC-Waterproof-Roller-Blinds). The ability to choose from a wide range of images ensures that all tastes are catered for, and any room of the house can be enhanced.

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Not only is there a vast range of styles available, but waterproof roller blinds are practical and an ideal choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Where they are likely to be splashed and exposed to a humid environment, they are easily cleaned, and are a practical solution for most people’s hectic home lives.

Savings beyond the price

Blinds are a good choice for anyone who wants to save money on their home decor. They offer great insulation, keeping the warmth in and the cold out. It’s clear that the addition of roller blinds is a simple and cost-effective solution for anyone who wants to economise and stay stylish in their home.

That NHS employee who rejected the £850 quote for a new roller blind was clearly thinking on her feet, and probably caused a saving well in excess of the £800 on the initial cost, due to the energy savings that the new roller blind will have created.


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