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12 Reasons to live in Dublin

Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland, is a vibrant and exciting city to live and work. It is steeped in history, culture and surrounded by lush green landscapes. There are many reasons to visit this lively place and even more reasons to invest in and live here.

  1. There are some great places to work in Dublin and many big-name companies have made Dublin their choice for setting up shop. These include Facebook, Google and Dropbox. Of course, the economic climate is tough all over the UK right now but the future is looking promising for the city.
  2. It’s a fairly small city centre which makes it easy to get around on foot. Not having to pay out on public transport and getting some exercise are definite plus points here. For Property Management Dublin, visit http://clients1st.ie/

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  1. You’ll not experience a party like a St Patrick’s Day party in Dublin. The people of this fair city know how to throw a party and what could be better than celebrating St Patrick’s Day in the heart of Ireland.
  2. If you love Guinness, you’ll find it tastes even better in Dublin. It’s also awesome to have it on tap wherever you happen to be!
  3. The food here is enough to have you buying some more elasticated trousers. There are so many places to eat, even for such a small city, that you’ll never fit them all in unless you move here.
  4. You’ll find a great many places to grab a very good cup of coffee too.
  5. If you fancy a few drinks then you don’t have to crawl far on the Camden Mile. There are more than 27 pubs in this area alone, incorporating surrounding roads. It is definitely ‘the’ place to be and is a fantastic throng of people and activity.

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  1. If the hustle and bustle becomes too much, escape to the Iveagh Gardens. They were previously the gardens to a stately home and offer a calm sanctuary with its own waterfall. Sounds idyllic! And it doesn’t end there as you’ll also find Phoenix Park, the biggest enclosed park in Europe.
  2. Dublin has the Harbour Bar which was once voted the best pub in the world. It is actually just outside Dublin but not by far and it’s got to be worth a visit just because of the best pub vote.
  3. Don’t worry about your health because despite the excesses of tons of eating places and Guinness on tap, you’ll also have access to yoga studios, gyms, health food cafes and personal trainers.
  4. The people here are renowned for being friendly and it’s not a myth. They have a unique sense of humour and they are helpful and very welcoming.
  5. There is something about the atmosphere in Dublin that makes it a very special place to be. Jobs are growing, new businesses are starting up and people feel positive and excited about Dublin’s future possibly for the first time since the recession.


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