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10 fascinating casino facts

Casinos are mysterious and intriguing places, which makes learning more about them particularly interesting. Here is a look at 10 facts about casinos.

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Security is supreme

Modern casinos use closed-circuit TV and undercover staff to monitor the floors for cheating players, but croupiers are subject to similar scrutiny. Before leaving the table, they clap their hands and show the empty palms to the camera.

Citizens who cannot play on home turf

Despite recent changes to the law, only foreign nationals are currently allowed to enter one of the few casinos that exist in Monaco, while all Monaco residents are banned from their most famous attractions.

Slots started as a time waster

The story goes that a US car mechanic/inventor from San Francisco made the first ever slot machine back in 1895 to amuse customers waiting for their car to be fixed. This idea caught on in casinos that used them for the same purpose: to occupy gamblers waiting for a place on a table.

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You have a hungry gambler to thank for the sandwich

John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich, is said to have been reluctant to leave the table for dinner, so it was brought to him – between two pieces of bread.

Spin the wheel and win more in Europe

American roulette wheels have an extra space for the ball to land in, the 00, making it 38 against the European wheel with 37 spaces.

Addiction makes people act oddly

Missing dinner or even work to gamble is not good, but it is somewhat understandable. Wearing an adult nappy to avoid leaving the floor to use the bathroom is another matter entirely.

Online casinos are doing well

People can use technology to access casino games whenever it suits them. If you want to play online poker with real money while sitting on your sofa, there’s no problem; you just head for a site like http://onlinecasinopokerroom.com/.

Card counting

It may be legal if only using your brain, but don’t be surprised if you are asked to leave if you get caught counting cards.

Slots are hot

Slots are the best earner for casinos because the low stake is attractive to gamblers of all wealth levels.

Prison fix

Until 1967, there was a casino for inmates to use inside the Nevada state prison.


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