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10 different ways to use aloe vera

Aside from being the punchline of your dad’s favourite joke (”Ello Vera!”) aloe vera has several important medicinal benefits when converted into a gel, making it a popular household item. Below are some ways it can be used which you might not have known about.

10 different ways to use aloe vera

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Make-up Removal

A popular use of aloe vera is the removal of make-up. Many products which already do this are harsh and irritating on the skin. In comparison, aloe vera toners are gentle on the skin.

Soothing Minor Cuts and Burns

Aloe vera can be used in the event of not only sunburn, cuts and rashes, but also to soothe conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. In a gel form, it has anti-inflammatory properties which make it excellent for treating minor wounds.

Soothing Stings and Bites

We all know the pain of having a run-in with a mosquito, or even stumbling into some stinging nettles – the itching that follows can be unbearable! Thankfully, the gel can help soothe this discomfort.


Mixing aloe with brown sugar will help to exfoliate whilst leaving your skin feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Foot Cream

Similar to acting as an exfoliant, aloe vera gel can treat dry or cracked feet and can help soothe Athlete’s Foot.

Anti-ageing Cream

Mixing aloe with coconut oil will create an anti-ageing remedy which will leave your skin feeling uplifted and can reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Treating Bad Breath

Good news for all those with bad morning breath – aloe vera can be mixed with water or apple juice to soothe acid indigestion, which is a common cause of bad breath.

Night Cream

Egg whites and aloe vera juices can be used to form a hydrating face mask which can be worn to bed to work its magic overnight.

Eyebrow Gel

Keep those eyebrows on fleek by gelling them in place with a thin layer of aloe vera gel.

Hand Sanitizer

The antibacterial elements fight off germs whilst soothing your skin at the same time. Again, this is perfect for those with sensitive skin which can become irritated by other creams or gels.

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