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10 delivery service considerations

When you’re organising a delivery, there are various considerations to take into account. Here are ten of the most important…

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Service Type

Make sure you choose a delivery that will meet your delivery needs in an economic way. This will depend primarily on the number and size of your parcels and their destinations. Local couriers tend to be best for local and same day deliveries, and national carriers often have the best deals for international destinations.


If you want to use a local delivery company, check that they are licensed to operate in your area and are fully insured. Ask to see credentials.

Delivery Speeds

Fast delivery is essential for most delivery services. Check which services are on offer – these are likely to range from within the hour emergency collections through to economy 3-5 day working options. Check for international services too.

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Reliability and Reputation

If you are using a delivery service as a business, then you put your own reputation on the line when you book a delivery. Make sure you choose a carrier with an excellent reputation who can work with you as a partner and offer excellent service.


When you choose couriers in Reading such as https://www.uk-tdl.com/same-day-delivery.html, you need to know that they will be of professional appearance, especially if they are delivering to your own customers.

Security Policies

How does your chosen carrier carry out its parcel security? Are their drivers identifiable with ID and are their vehicles branded? Do parcels always remain secure or are they ever left unattended?

Extra Needs

Does your courier handle large parcels or special content parcels? Do they offer any assistance for offloading for example? Find out how flexible the carrier is.


Find out what the pricing structure is before you commit, as advertised prices may not always be the same as what you will ultimately be quoted.

Customer Experience

Is there a dedicated contact centre for any queries that you might have? Is the customer service of excellent quality? The overall experience can make or break your courier relationship, so check that your chosen provider really does invest in it.

By taking a considered approach to selecting your ideal delivery service and courier, you can be better assured of the experience and quality of service that you want.


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