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Pandas are frustrating creatures

There was some good news the other week when Chain declared that they had been able to make major strides in saving the Panda. It’s important for some good things to come out of China given its recent track record lately and so saving this endangered and beloved creature is to be applauded. Using a high tech, involved and controlled breeding program has proved a winner.

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The only trouble is, are they wasting their time and resources? If you look at Panda’s their behaviour is not one of survival. For example, Pandas are bears. Therefore they should be eating nuts, berries and even some meat. However if you’ve ever seen a Panda, and given their natural cuddly looks they are very photogenic, you’ll know that they would rather be munching on Bamboo the first chance they get. You’ll see them tucking into a whole bunch of bamboo as if they were determined to get through a pack of 20 Rothmans.

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One slight problem, bamboo is rubbish for their digestive system. It doesn’t provide anywhere near what a massive bear like a Panda needs in calories. Therefore it’s not an uncommon sight to see them snoozing off before they set to it again. They just sit eating bamboo and stopping us from getting our Bamboo Toothbrush. Visit Bambooth quickly before it’s too late.

What makes things worse is that mating involves leaving his scent on a tree, the higher the better. Shame they’ve got no energy to do it.


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