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Office 365 will start blocking links to malicious sites within Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Microsoft announced on its blog a new series of updates to improve the security of Office 365 tools. Mainly related to the Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) program, which offers real-time protection against various types of malware.

One of the most interesting developments is that they will extend the function of secure links to Word, Excel and PowerPoint, something that already existed in the web, mobile and desktop versions of Outlook mail and that prevents the user from opening malicious links from the applications inadvertently.

These features will first arrive at the desktop versions of Office 356 for ProPlus subscribers. Once the function is active, if a user clicks on a link within a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, or PowerPoint presentation, the software will analyze the URL and if it is a dangerous link it will take you to a warning page instead of opening the potential threat.

Office 365 also comes with a new security feature called Threat Intelligence, which offers interactive tools to analyze the prevalence and security of real-time threats, threat alerts, and solutions to deal with suspicious content.

Companies that use Office 365 will also receive a new malware reporting interface within the Security Center. In these reports you can find information about malware and spam sent or received from an organization. Microsoft has also said that the link protection features will be extended through all Office 365 services.


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