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Nine Microsoft Edge extensions that are worth installing

In August of last year, Microsoft announced that they could finally install extensions in Microsoft Edge. Unfortunately, its catalog can not be compared with other browsers, so today we are going to recommend some of the best available options.

Save to Pocket

It is an essential tool for those of us who spend much of the day surfing the Internet. Many times we find articles that look very good, but just at that moment we do not have enough time to read it calmly. Thanks to the extension for Microsoft Edge we can save it so that it does not get lost in oblivion.

Reddit Enhancement Suite

I think I could not count the number of hours I spend a week on Reddit. Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) is an essential tool to navigate the platform , since it allows you to change the wallpaper, preview comments before publishing them, change accounts quickly, open images without having to open new tabs, etc.

Page Analyzer

This tool is aimed, above all, for programmers of web pages. It will be responsible for analyzing a web page and see if it follows the correct practices in terms of programming standards. You can find it for free in the Windows Store.


If you’re concerned about privacy, Ghostery avoids tracking technologies, many of which are directly linked to advertising. That does not mean that I am going to make the ads disappear, but you will have less feeling that they are spying on you.

Turn Off The Lights

If an application gives me the option to put the ‘night mode’, I activate it. This extension allows us to finish with all the white frame that appears around the videos , helping you to focus on what is being played. It works with Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo and other videos with HTML5.

Hopefully the Microsoft Edge extension offer improves over time.


If you hate having to enter the username and password of all the pages you access, LastPass is a free tool that will do this work for you. It is ideal for those who normally forget passwords and spend the day trying out combinations.

Mouse Gestures

Those who prefer to use the mouse instead of the keyboard will surely love this extension . Power Mouse allows you to manage Edge with simple mouse movements, being able to customize the experience at your whim. There are four basic movements (up, down, left and right) and 12 advanced.

Office Online

This extension gives you direct access to your most recent Office files (whether they are in OneDrive or on your computer). In addition, it provides you with shortcuts to create new Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc. files.

Pinterest Save Button

If you like to save ideas on Pinterest but you feel lazy having to go to the web, this extension will save you a lot of time and effort when you want to add new entries to your boards. You can find it for free in the Windows Store.


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