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How to Disable Preview on Microsoft Edge Tabs

It’s not the first time we’ve talked about Microsoft Edge, and it probably will not be the last either. Some time ago we said that it was a solid and mature browser, perfect to function as the current user’s header program. Although it has to polish some aspects (such as its ecosystem of extensions), the fact is that we were surprised.

There is an Edge feature that some users may find annoying, and it’s previewing the tabs when you hover over them. If you dive deep into the Microsoft Edge configuration menus, you will not find any easy way to disable them. Does that mean you can not? Not at all, there is a way to do it and we will show it to you.

Before entering matter: to perform this procedure it is necessary to get your hands on the Windows Registry . A bad step in this very delicate part of the system can ruin your entire installation, so before proceeding we recommend that you create a USB toolbox as described in this article, among which you will find utilities to save a registry backup.

Disabling the Edge Preview in the Windows Registry

If you want to get rid of the image you see presiding over these lines, open the start menu and type regedit to open the Registry Editor . Press enter and, when it opens, locate this route:

HKEYCURRENTUSER\SOFTWARE\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AppContainer\Storage

When you have open, please click the right button on TabbedBrowsing . From the menu that appears, choose New> DWORD Value (32-bit) . A new file appears in the registry. Rename it to TabPeekEnabled . Right-click on it and choose Modify . In the window that will appear, put the value to zero as you can see below.

Press OK to save the changes. Now we have to prove that the adjustment has worked. Opens Microsoft Edge and two web pages on separate tabs. If everything went well, a preview should not appear when placing the mouse on one of them, but an informative title like the one you see below.

And this would be enough. It costs few minutes to do and has no difficulty . If you regret it and want to re-enable the preview, simply delete the value you created from the registry. If the preview of the tabs of Microsoft Edge is annoying, do not hesitate to try it.


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