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Top Moustache Wax Options

Facial hair has made a big comeback in recent years, and now it is perfectly normal to encounter men with bushy beards and coiffed moustaches in the street. Since it is Movember season once again, tens of thousands of men will be looking for new ways to keep their fledgling upper lip adornments in check. Here are a few of the best moustache wax products that are currently on the market.

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Uppercut Deluxe Wax

This wax has plenty of hold, which means that users can experiment with lots of different styles and get the results they desire. It is also blessed with a very gentle scent, so it should not overpower any other fragrance you choose to wear.

Proraso Wax

This wax is softer and more pliant than some other waxes. It also benefits from a looser overall texture, which means it is easy to work into the moustache and does not leave any nasty lumps or telltale white marks when in place.

It is even easy to reactivate the wax by adding a tiny touch of water, giving it all-day restyling potential. This wax is just one of the many male grooming products available from firms like Henry Tibbs.

Mr Natty Twizzle Wax

This wax is especially firm because it is designed to withstand tough conditions and still deliver the hold that serious moustache aficionados are looking to achieve. Come rain or shine, this wax should keep facial hair in check. The formula is concentrated, so it only requires the smallest amount to provide great results.

Captain Fawcett’s Wax

The Captain Fawcett range of waxes comes in a variety of scents, from smoky sandalwood to luscious lavender, giving plenty of different masculine hints to the aroma. This means that you can choose a variety that suits your own personal tastes and apply it liberally in combination with a beard oil from the same firm to make a truly impactful statement with your facial hair.

Bounder Extra Firm Wax

As the name suggests, this wax does not do things by half measures and will provide maximum hold for a rigid and unshakable style. This wax differs from others because it achieves its solid grip by drying onto facial hair, which is why it is kept in a special container to preserve it in the long term.

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