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Three Ideas for Hobbies that you can Enjoy When you are On Holiday

Holiday season is on the way, and many of us are starting to plan for that much needed break from the stresses of daily life. Going on holiday is the time that we all need in order to wind down and relax, whether alone, as a couple, with family or with a larger group.

Doing hobbies on holiday can help to relax you even further, however some hobbies may not be practical to do whilst on holiday. However, if you want something to do whilst away that is easy to take with you wherever you are going and can help to boost those relaxed holiday vibes, here are three ideas to help you to get started…

Knitting and Crocheting – One of the most relaxing hobbies that you can have is knitting. Celebrities are now using knitting to relax, and a look on social media shows how the popularity of knitting is soaring! Getting started with knitting is inexpensive, and the brilliant thing about it is the ease that it can be transported with and the fact that you can do it practically anywhere! Crochet blanket kits like this www.woolcouturecompany.com/collections/blanket-and-cushions-crochet-kits are great for beginners and you can find many knitting patterns online too.

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Painting – Painting is such a relaxing pastime, and you can get perfect travel painting kits, as well as watercolour notebooks that fit easily into a small bag. What better way to document the beautiful places that you visit on holiday than with pictures that you have painted yourself? You don’t have to have amazing skills to paint, it is something that anyone can do, and the more creative you are the better!

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Photography – This is a perfect hobby for travellers!  There are so many interesting images and moments to capture, from scenic woodlands to family beach fun to cultured cities. A camera is easy to carry around with you, and when you are home from your holiday, you could make a photo book or choose some of the images to display on your walls to have a reminder of your trip! Photography is a great way to capture all of those holiday memories and keep them to reminisce over.


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