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The very first printing press

It’s easy for us to get a hard copy of something of a computer or to obtain a copy of a story or even a newspaper and magazine. However, prior to this written information was difficult to come by. The only thing that was widely available was that of a Bible and that was because the only people who and the time and the inclination to copy out the whole thing were scribing Monks. The only other way was to use a method of brush cloth or paper onto the original and this left less than impressive results.

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In 1440 Germany Johannes Guteburg was about to change all of this. A single Renaissance printing press could produce up to 3,600 pages per workday, modelled on the style of existing screw presses, compared to forty by hand-printing and a few by hand-copying. The newly designed hand mould from Gutenberg made it possible to accurately and quickly produce large quantities of metal movable type. Together, his two inventions, the hand mould and the printing press, dramatically reduced the cost in Europe of printing books and other documents, particularly for shorter print runs.


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This created a slew of documents that could be produced cheaply and quickly and then sold to the public. It’s hard for us to grasp what a revolution this was. Political ideas, news and information was suddenly available. All that needed to happen was that the populace became literate enough to use it! Nowadays a Printer leasing  is way more effective in getting information out.


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