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The problems associated with challenging behaviour

When someone starts to display challenging behaviour towards the world around them there is always an underlying reason. It can take on many forms and be particularly scary for anybody on the receiving end of it.  For the most part these are caregivers or even members of the family of the person displaying the signs of challenging behaviour. A Challenging behaviour course is one of the most beneficial things that you can do to prepare yourself in case this happens.  Here are some of the signs of challenging behaviour from someone suffering with it.

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  •  Someone with challenging behaviour has no regard for their environment and surroundings.  to vent their frustrations they will quite happily smash walls, loose items, furniture whatever they can get their hands on to illustrate how annoyed and unhappy they are.
  • They will also  begin to self harm.  This can be one of the most frightening aspects of challenging behaviour as the person has no regard for their safety in any way.  They will bang their head against items or hit themselves.  There is the danger of cutting as well if they have access to a sharp object.

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  • The most common symptom of challenging behaviour that people receive is that of verbal and physical aggression. As with all examples of challenging behaviour this is an example of the frustration that the person feels that they are not being listened to or understood.  This frustration is the root cause of the challenging behaviour as you will find out from the course.


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