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Start your day with a healthy breakfast

The breakfast is the first time of the day from which we have the opportunity to take care of our eating habits. It is the most important meal of the day because the agency receives the first food after hours of rest. It is also the time when we recharge energy for the whole day. We teach you what not to miss in your breakfast healthy and nutritious.

Breakfast is a key food for our body, it must receive nutrients, vitamins, fats, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins sufficient to withstand much of the day. However it is also a time undervalued. Coffee and toast are not sufficient to meet the nutritional needs after many hours without any food. The breakfast should be varied and include foods from different groups nutrition. You never miss:

Liquid: It is essential to rehydrate your body after sleeping. There are many hours without drinking anything and your body needs some liquid to get to work. Milk, coffee, juices, tea … can be ideal for this task and fundamental because even can do without eating you cannot stop drinking fluids early in the morning.

healthy breakfast

Dairy: The ideals are those that contain less fat, such as milk, yogurt or nonfat cheese. Provide calcium, vitamin D, phosphorus and basic for strengthening our bones proteins.

Cereals: They should preferably be integrated. We provide carbohydrates, B vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein. They are the fuel of our body, a source of energy, so they are indispensable. Also important food energy pulses, fruits and tubers.

In addition to the nutritional aspect varied breakfast also it has an impact on our mental agility, which depends on the speed of the connection between neurons. Some foods encourage these connections and their intake early in the morning has a direct impact on the conditions in which we develop our morning activity. Healthy eating benefits the neuronal speed and intelligence.

Cereal consumption has a beneficial effect on memory. Corn, rice, wheat and rye and their derivatives such as crackers or bread must be mandatory food consumption in our breakfast if we want to improve our mental capacity. Remember, breakfast and most important is nurturing the body healthy and in sufficient quantities after hours of lethargy and achieve the best conditions to face the daily activity. With a rich varied breakfast and you will improve your results!



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