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No sofa, no show. The sofa and the TV show

When we watch comedy shows naturally focusing on the characters but there is another very important element of the show that doesn’t speak but is ever present. This is the set and, very importantly, the sofa.  If you think back to pretty much all TV shows, at some point you have to get the cast together in one place.  This is where they recap events and the comedy action begins to come at a pace.  It’s also where characters will define their relationships with each other so that we can talk about them afterwards.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a modern or Vintage Sofa, ultimately this is where the show will stand or fall.

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Two very good examples of this are Friends and the Big Bang Theory.  It’s no wonder that both shows ran for in excess of 10 years,  an incredible achievement given the fickle nature of American television  programs . Naturally the ensemble cast and Talent as much to do with this but the Iconic sofas that they sit on have also become highly sought after players in the comedy.  There is a big business in studio visits where people get to sit in Sheldon spot for example or just simply relax on the sofa in Friends.

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There are other examples: the grand sofa Downton Abbey for example or even the simple two seater owned by Hilda and Stanley Ogden, in front of her famous Mural and Ducks, allow writers to deliver moments of high drama and high comedy with stunning results.


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