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Keeping the Cold Out This Winter – Why This is Particularly Important if you are Elderly

With winter definitely starting to make its mark now, temperatures are dropping all over the UK and many of us are feeling the cold. Being cold is something that we all feel from time to home, and it has no major health implications usually. However, for elderly people, being too cold can come with severe consequences.

The reason for this is that as humans get older the body naturally changes. Even people who typically didn’t feel the cold in their younger years can start to feel it more as they age, and this is something that is perfectly normal. The blood starts to become less speedy at moving around the body, which is how it supplies the various parts of the body with oxygen, so and older person is not going to be getting as much blood into parts of the body as they once did, which is also what helps us to keep warm – remember in PE at school where they used to get you doing lots of running around to warm up? Well, this is why!

So as winter approaches, making sure that your home is warm, especially if you are a more senior age is important. When the body temperature drops, especially for longer periods of time puts a person at big risk of health issues – from respiratory illness, to hypothermia, many elderly people lose their life each year due to being too cold.

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Making sure that the home is warm is something that has many solutions – as well as central heating, there are other ways that you can heat your home – something like this electric underfloor heating Gloucestershire based system parsonsflooring.com/services/electric-under-floor-heating-gloucestershire/ is a great choice for chilly rooms like the conservatory, or to boost the warmth in a room when you can’t have the central heating on.

Food and drink are also things that can really help a lot when it comes to keeping the body warm. Hot drinks should be drunk regularly, and when it comes to food nourishing hot winter foods like a stew, a cottage pie or a soup are great meals to help the body to keep warm in the winter. Making sure that you eat and drink enough healthy foods will also keep the immune system working well.

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It is also a good idea to think about things in the home that can help to keep warm. Draughts can get into the home via windows, so using things to stop the cold air from getting in is a good idea. Curtains known as thermal curtains are a great way to prevent the cold getting in through windows and to trap all that lovely heat in the room! Draught excluders are also a good idea to go along the bottoms of the doors and to ensure the cold is kept out from them too.


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