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How the Egyptians used water in their spiritual practices

The Ancient Egyptians were a fascinating people, and they brought us many advancements in the way that we live our lives, as well as early technologies and beautifully decorated jewellery. They were a very spiritual people, and they had a large number of priests and priestesses that would help with a number of spiritual practices. Many of these practices would see the use of water either as a way to cleanse the body or to anoint it. Within their temples, they would have clean, fresh water that could be used as a part of initiation ceremonies and then also wastewater was removed in an efficient way. You can be sure that if they had access to a Drain Lining Company like Wilkinson Environmental that they would have used their services.

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The Nile River was key to the success of the Egyptians as a community and allowed them to flourish. Due to the climate in Egypt, there can be long periods of time without rainfall which make the Nile the only constant source of water. Today the Nile not only provides the water for agricultural growth in the area but also allows for navigation and transportation of goods and the use of hydroelectric power generators. Whilst the Ancient Egyptians would not have harnessed power from the river in the same way, it was still very much the main transportation route and the only way to access freshwater for people and for crops and the surrounding land. Irrigation is key to providing crops with the water that they desperately need throughout the year.

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As well as these fundamental needs, the Nile was also a place of spiritual practices and community gathering. Lots of festivals were held on the banks of the river, and the importance of the river to their society and culture has been depicted in numerous writings and artwork throughout the ages. Some of the festivals would be held for the numerous Gods and Goddesses that the Ancient Egyptians celebrated. This was seen as a way of giving thanks for a bountiful harvest or to plead for rain.

When priestesses were taken through their initiation ceremonies, they would be bathed in the pools inside the temples. There were numerous chambers that they would move through as a part of this ceremony. Once they were bathed, they would be anointed with oil and would pass into the next chamber. Water also played an important role in the cleansing of bodies for burial. In many religions across the world, water still plays an important part in various services, and it is written about in noted religious texts.


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