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Winning marketing campaign ideas for Christmas

As the holiday bells jingle, let’s talk about ideas for your Christmas marketing campaign. Here is how to organise a festive campaign strategy to capture your customers:

Discounts and deals

Capture custom with tempting discounts and offers for the festive season. Consumer surveys vouch for the allure of price slashes, free shipping, BOGOFF deals and cashback make great strategies.

SEO excellence

Ensure your web presence is primed for action. Check metadata, optimise for mobile, and fine-tune page speeds for a seamless Christmas shopping experience.

Master PPC

Navigate the competitive landscape with seasonal ads. Regularly assess performance, tweak messaging through A/B testing, and ensure an optimal return on investment. Marketing strategy consultants, such as www.reallyhelpfulmarketing.co.uk/specialist-services/marketing-strategy-consultant/, can offer support with your campaigns.
Creative content

Blend promotions with creative content – such as festive-themed blog posts, whitepapers, checklists, or even interactive elements such as quizzes and branded games – to enhance engagement.

Digital advent calendars

Bring a classic to the digital age. Engage your audience daily with draws, discounts and giveaways through digital advent calendars.

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Gamification galore

Tap into the power of gaming. Branded games elevate engagement, with over three billion gamers globally. Consider games as a lively strategy for Christmas marketing success.

Social media showdown

Leverage social media for reviews, product showcases, and promotions. It is the ideal platform to run a Christmas countdown, directing traffic to your game or advent calendar.

Email extravaganza

Unleash a well-timed email campaign. Subscriber-exclusive offers, hidden voucher codes and daily reminders for digital advent calendars add a gamified touch.

Last-minute lure

A sizable chunk of holiday sales comes from last-minute shoppers. Use remarketing, email and social media to entice those final purchases.

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Post-Christmas surge

Extend the festive fervour post-Christmas with a challenge or a continued 12-day campaign. Keep the celebration alive and capitalise on post-Christmas impulses.


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