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What kind of window choose for my home?

Still you do not know what kind of window chooses for each of the rooms in your house? Opening the model, color, glazing or profile material are some of the features in which we must fix when purchasing this type of elements.

The efficiency of windows is determined by the factors mentioned in previous lines. Thus if we choose, for example, by a window PVC double glazed obtain energy savings of up to 50% to reduce losses of heat and cold.

Although not aware of it, the windows become one of our best allies. In addition to shelter from inclement weather, also isolate us from the noise, they can provide an interesting aesthetic touch to the stay, allow ventilation and through its crystals filtered natural light, essential for our body. When this light hits our body helps us to synthesize vitamin D, suitable for strengthening our bone structure.

What kind of window choose for my homeChoosing windows for your home

The window frames are those that offer greater thermal insulation, which will give us a savings of up to 15% relative to the wood and up to 50% compared to aluminum. In addition to this mode, the window frames can be aluminum, wood or aluminum with thermal break (RPT). While aluminum can adapt to very different colors and textures, one of the strengths of wood and PVC is found represented in their level of isolation from the acoustic point of view.

Another element that we must not overlook when choosing our windows is in relation to the space we have available for it. All this is closely related to the type of opening windows.

For example, the lateral opening of the blade or blades is known as folding, occupying much of the space when opened. The swing models feature an opening inwardly inclined, being recommended for bathrooms or garages. Which glide horizontally they are known as runners. They are one of the most demanded options, since they do not require additional space and are perfect for areas that are limited by pillars, furniture or corners.

As was briefly discussed in previous lines, the glazing of the windows can be single or double, featuring in the latter case two or more sheets of glass separated by a dehydrated air chamber or gas. The double glazing provides a level of sound insulation as both much higher heats.

The translucent glass, designed for greater privacy inside the room, are suitable for bathrooms and kitchens, while the transparent offer maximum brightness in living rooms or bedrooms. Meanwhile, the crystals maximum security is designed for large surfaces can be terraces or businesses.

What factors do you have in mind when choosing the type of window most suitable for home?

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