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What Is Drain Lining?

If you are looking to save both time and money whilst maintaining your drainage system, then consider a drain liner. As its name implies, drain lining acts like a core to help resolve any blockages and clogs that may be present in your drainage system. Drainage systems that are clogged are much more difficult to maintain, both structurally and financially and you may need to use the services of a Drainage Cleaning company like Wilkinson Environmental to rectify any problems. A drain line running through the walls of a house is usually the first point of call when considering problems with drainage. This is because a drain line is often the easiest place for blockages to occur, as it is situated at the very bottom of a house.

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Drainage can occur in many places around a home, including the underside of sinks, behind wall pipes and even in the loft area. Drainage problems caused by blockages or clogs will lead to major damage to your walls and ceiling, and can often cause structural damage to a property. In fact, drainage problems are now one of the most significant causes of building defects in Britain. If you want to avoid the costs and potential damage to your property, it’s worth investing in some quality drain lining.

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As well as helping to prevent drains from becoming clogged and damaged, drain lining helps to improve the water flow through a pipe. As pipe lines are often laid beneath foundations, they are also a likely place for leaks to occur. To prevent this from happening, a drain liner is often placed inside the existing pipe before it is installed. The lining will act as a kind of sponge when inside the pipe and will soak up any grease, sludge and dirt that gets stuck inside the pipe. This allows a smoother pipe, eliminating the risk of moisture seeping through and causing damage.


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