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What is a roof truss and what are the common types?

Next time you’re admiring the old beams in an historic building the chances are you’re looking at the roof trusses. These triangular shaped constructions are designed to support a pitched roof and have been in use for hundreds of years thanks to their simple design and incredible efficiency.

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What is a roof truss?

There are three major elements in a roof truss: the chords that make up the exterior frame, the webs or interior triangles and sometimes a vertical support called the king post which helps to maintain structural integrity. These elements can all be manufactured in different sizes.

King and queen post trusses

Once very common, the king post truss is used for short spans like garages and extensions. The queen post has a vertical upright with two triangles on either side, but has been supplanted by the Fink truss.

Single or double?

Mono pitch trusses only have one rafter and are used to create a lean-to style roof. A double truss may be required for commercial buildings with a dual pitch roof, but is also used to match in the roofline on period style properties.

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All purpose

The Fink truss is the most commonly used roof truss – it’s easily recognisable by the W-shaped configuration of the webs. The chances are if you go into your loft this is the type of truss you’ll see, as it’s both simple and highly efficient, capable of creating the simplest to the most complex roofs. If you’re creating a new build it’s likely that your roofers Gloucester provides are using Fink trusses.

Get creative

On the other hand, if you want to create an interesting ceiling effect like a vaulted ceiling, your roofer may consider using a raised tie or scissor truss. The raised tie truss lifts the ceiling tie to create a vaulted effect with sloping sides and a flat central section.

The bottom chords of the scissor truss come together at an apex creating all kinds of interesting effects – Contact Hempsted Roofing or another reputable company to discuss the best truss for the job.

Finally, if you want to create greater ceiling height in the loft, consider a Mansard truss. With its four roof planes you’ll create more usable attic space with a higher ceiling, ready for a future loft conversion.



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