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What flooring should I choose for my bathroom?

If you’ve decided that it is time for new bathroom flooring, this room requires a little extra consideration. Obviously, you want it to look good, but it must also be practical and functional. There is a lot of activity in the bathroom and so waterproofing is an important factor.

The best type of flooring for the bathroom is that which is able to cope with spills, leaks, seepage and a build up of moisture. So, what are some of the options?

Tiles – Porcelain tiles are a luxury addition and offers natural waterproofing qualities. Porcelain tiles are perfect for wet rooms and bathrooms as they are tough against moisture and water.

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Stone – This is a much more expensive choice but if you want a ‘wow’ factor for your bathroom, stone is the one to go for. It is both durable and tough, although you will need to consider the hardness, cool feel, and potential slipping hazards.

Laminate – Laminate flooring is a highly popular choice, and it comes with a top layer that is resistant to moisture. This is why this type of flooring is commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens, for example. The great thing about laminate flooring is the huge range of different patterns, designs and colours available. For more information on Laminate Wood Flooring, visit a site like Irwin Tiles, suppliers of Laminate Wood Flooring.

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Engineered Wood – For the texture of real wood but with better water resistance, engineered wood is the ideal option. It consists of layers of wood with a plywood base that provides better water protection.


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