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What every Man should have in his Wardrobe this winter

As autumn draws to a close and the winter really starts to set in what  clothes should every man be looking to have in his wardrobe. Whilst we may not get the full on arctic conditions that they experience in Canada or Norway there is the chance that the weather will turn inclement and bring something a bit nasty. Or it could just stay gloomy, mild and wet. Even so there is still plenty of scope for men to have a decent set up to deal with anything that the darkest months throw at them. Here are a few things that they should have if they don’t already have them.


  1. Mens Aran Sweaters. Lightweight and always stylish these traditional Irish jumpers have been a standby for decades favoured by style icons like Steve McQueen and John Lennon. You really can’t have too many jumpers on the hangers in your wardrobe. If you feel that they need a few additions then take a look at Shamrock Gift for some great ideas.
  2. Boots and shoes. Combined with a lot of nice thick and thin socks, footwear is an essential part of the wardrobe in winter. Be prepared to be making your way through torrential rain and puddles or even, dare I say, some snow. Keeping the feet warm is one of the trickiest tasks that you can do with winter clothing but a proper pair of footwear will certainly help you achieve that. Don’t shirk on this part of the winter kit.

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  1. Hats. As with the feet the head is also a part of the body where heat loss occurs. In fact it is believed that the head is where the most heat is lost so you need make sure that you have this covered. You could go with Baseball caps but they are really more for the summertime. Instead invest in some nice beanies. These woollen and polyester pull ons are vital to keeping that heat in. Your good news is that there are plenty of versatile styles to choose from.

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  1. A nice coat and jacket. There are multitudes of jackets that you can look at. The main style is the military with Bomber and Peacoat being some of the most popular designs that still remain popular to this day. As to winter coats you might be better off with a waterproof packable jacket at the start of the season and if the weather starts to turn colder then it is time to switch to the furlined stuff or take a trip to an outdoor specialist centre.
  2. Trousers. Sticking with jeans and the cargo pants are still regular and perfect. Just be careful with the denim as if it gets wet it tends to cling and cause issue as it gets colder on the skin. This is where you could look at some suitable overtrousers to keep the rain out and switch them off and stow them in a bag or large pocket for later.


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