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Walls volume for your home

We often forget the importance of facing our homes and leave them aside, without thinking too much decoration.

We usually decorate the walls with paintings or some other decorative item that gives a touch of color. However, we do not leave the same textures of smooth plaster, granite, wood and few more. Today we want you to ‘come out’ of the terms and disposition walls with volume.

Walls volume for your homeThe walls volume are neither more nor less than that, walls that have different geometric shapes protruding from the wall. You can find them with rectangles, squares or circles, among other models. In addition to this, depending on the style follow your home, you can choose from various materials, such as plaster or ceramic.

As for the compositions and colors, we recommend you stay away for some store modern decor or that you surf the Internet and take a look at the pages of different brands that market. In this way, you will see the wide range out there for this type of coatings.

As you see in the picture, a single wall of white plaster, you can fill a room of life with this touch of volume. In addition, although we recommend that this type of hard facing more walls, with a little taste, you can decorate a table , for example. If you decant this option, choose one that is not too flashy, since the result could detract too baroque and prominence to the wall. Finally, keep in mind that if you choose one or more walls with volume within the same room, you must combine them with a flat roof and a lamp or discreet lighting. You’ll see how to change a space with these walls with volume !


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