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Tips for Dealing With Conifers in Your Garden

There are many tips for dealing with conifers in your garden and it can often be overlooked. Conifers need a certain amount of light, water and nutrients and if you do not provide these they will quickly wither. Too much and they can take over your garden. They can also block your view which can make access to light difficult. If however you do provide sufficient light, water and a healthy soil mix then you have an ideal environment to flourish.

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One of the best tips for dealing with conifers is to plant them where the sunlight can reach them at all times. This means that you should plan your garden so that your best light source is directly over the foliage, preferably on the south facing side. Even if you live in the most northern area of the country this should still be your primary planting location. This way your conifers get all the sunlight they require, even in the winter, which is essential as they are normally shade loving plants. For advice from a Tree Surgeon Bournemouth, contact Kieran Boyland

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There are a number of different conifer types available. The best way to choose which one to plant in your garden is to try a few different varieties to see which one best suits your needs and lifestyle. If however you know absolutely nothing about these beautiful plants then it may be best to hire a local grower who can advise you which is the best type to buy and then you can grow them in your own garden and ensure that they thrive.



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