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The Wonders of Worcester Cathedral

The Jewel of the City of Worcester has to be it’s majestic Cathedral. Situated not far from the fast flowing Severn this medieval marvel is a sight to behold mainly because it has every building style added to it from the time. It has Norman and Gothic influence sown all through it. It also has some of the most amazing stained glass windows and mullioned windows that have to be seen to be believed how beautiful they are. Even the employees of Double Glazing Worcester company Firmfix would stop and be impressed and they deal with windows all day!

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The Cathedrals start can be traced back as far as the year 680. The main construction did not start until another four hundred years later on to the structure that we know today. The religious Normans soon began to use their new found power and wealth to construct cathedrals as they did with Gloucester’s just down the road.

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What is impressive about the Worcesters’ is that he has been added to with so many new features as the centuries have rolled by. This is an indication of the power and the wealth that it had plus the love to be garnered in the wider community. It serves as the final resting place of King John generally considered one of the worst Kings England has ever had but this does not distract from its importance but only serves to increase it. It’s easy to see why it is such a site of pilgrimage, they even have a display about those that used to do it.


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