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The many uses of concrete

The idea of using concrete is one of the fundamental prinicple fo modern building. Since the 1920s concrete has been a staple and go-to material and it has provided us with a versatile substance that has proven to be adaptable. It’s been used in construction, residential, office and military function building for years. It’s certainly something that Concrete Gloucester based suppliers https://www.monstermixconcrete.co.uk/ are certainly able to help with.

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The beauty of contrite is its strength and capacity to be molded. Unlike brick it starts off life being supple and quite creamy in texture, if it’s mixed correctly. As a result it can be literally poured into a shape or mold for whatever you wish it to take. When thick iron rods or grids and framework is applied it becomes even more stronger.

This was great news to public works and governments looking for a quick solution to housing issues. The demand for housing was acutely felt after the second world war and  successive governments needed to find an answer to the building of homes fast. Molded concrete poured straight into molded walls or the bolting together of concrete sheets were the perfect answer. It soon became clear that concrete could also build shopping centres, public works of art, fountains and pretty much everything else that local and national governments needed. Whilst many of these have fallen by the wayside there are still some that remain.


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