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The beauty and engineering of a handmade carpet

As your bare or slippered feet caress the deep shag pile of your carpet do you ever wonder where the thing actually came from? Before you say “the shop” or some other witty response I mean where did the rug come from in terms of its design, its country and its origin. Wherever it hails from, and we shall have a look later on, it’s going to get dirty and a Carpet Cleaning company might be a really good idea. It will protect it and prolong its life as well.  It will also make the home stand out should you look to sell it with the services of home buyers survey Manchester based Sam conveyancing.

If you have a carpet that is handmade or woven it’s a very good bet that that is where it comes from. The carpet speaks volumes as to where it is from and who made it generally through its design and the patterns in it. For example, the weaving is a source of pride to many a distinctive ethnic group and the motifs and colours will all seek to show the skill of the weaver and their region or country. Most common styles, and there is a bit of a crossover here, are the Persian, Afghani, Tibetan  and Turkish ones. Added the that is the old Chinese style and throughout from the North of Africa.

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It is the Persian carpet that has set the trend and you can see the influences of these early carpet and rug makers today. We do know that some of the first designs and types of carpet come from the area with the first being around 7000BC. To show how hard wearing they are we also have the earliest remnants left of the carpet which were found nicely preserved in Siberia, it’s 2000 years old.

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There are loads of other facts carpets. For example;

  • Think that you paid a lot for your carpet? Try telling that to the owner of one that was bought in 2013. They paid $33.8 million dollars for it via an auction. I think it had gold woven in it.
  • Iran has produced the largest ever carpet, it’s bigger than a football pitch. Why?Who knows perhaps they’d run out of grass
  • One of the softest things in the Middle East is Camel hair. It used to be an integral part of a carpets makeup but this isn’t the case anymore. The reason being that even though they are soft Camels totally stink and then so did the carpet.
  • The only reason that we know anything about having carpet is because Alexander the Great brought some back after all his invading.



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