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Tackling your Garage Chaos

If your garage is more chaotic than organised and you want to reclaim your space, then now is a good time to have a sort out. Not only will clearing out your garage free up some space and enable you to make the most of the storage you have, but you could even make some money from selling your unwanted items that are in there!

A garage sort out can be a big task, so first of all you need to break it down into sections and do it in chunks of time – you may not be able to do it all in one go as it can be quite daunting! Start by sorting out what you have in there and putting aside the things that you don’t want to keep. If it is junk and is no good to anyone, it can be taken to the tip, however if it is good stuff, then you could sell it.

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Once you have decided what you want to keep you can then start to plan how you can use the space to store it well. Whilst the garage is empty, this is also a good time to make repairs to the garage and do things like paint the floor. If you have a garage door that has seen better days, get someone like this garage doors Bristol based company Up and Over Doors Ltd to come and replace it.

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Once you have done all of this, you can then put your items back in using the right storage – there are lots of options when it comes to garage storage, from hanging storage to cabinets and racking.


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