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Some of the Best Trees for a Smaller Garden

Being around trees is something that is one of life’s most simple pleasures, and it is little wonder that many people enjoy having trees in their garden. However, if you have a small garden you may think that you can’t have a tree – but that is not the case at all.

Having a small garden does not mean that you can’t have a tree- there are many types of lovely smaller trees which suit a small garden perfectly. Make sure that you have someone on hand to take care of the tree and trim it back every so often like this Tree surgeon Gloucester based Geoffrey Urch.

Here are just a few trees that can brighten up a smaller garden…

Fig Trees – These are not native to Britain but were in fact brought over by the Romans. The climate in Britain is too chilly for the tree to bear many fruits, but the tree remains popular for its beautiful leaves. Keep it in a sheltered spot for best results.

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Hawthorn – This is a fantastic and popular choice for smaller gardens. If you like to attract the wildlife this is a real crowd pleaser – the bees adore the flowers and caterpillars of many species live on the leaves of this tasty tree!

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Rowan – Some varieties of Rowan grow to only around 4 metres in height s are perfect for a small space. With a beautiful autumn berry display which garden birds enjoy feasting on they are a great small garden tree.


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