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Security Solutions so you aren’t the Victim of a Christmas Break in

We are fast approaching Christmas and will all soon be stocking up on Christmas gifts for our nearest and dearest, and awaiting the arrival of Father Christmas. But unfortunately, at this time of the year our homes are more likely to receive a much more unwelcome visitor than Santa – burglars.

Because of the expensive gifts that we have in our homes at Christmas time, burglary rates often rise as thieves look for a quick way to make some money, which means now is the time to be especially vigilant in protecting our homes. Here are a few things you can do…

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Lights on a Timer – To make sure that it appears as if someone is home, one of the easiest and cheapest solutions is to get yourself some timers for your lights. This makes it look as though you have someone in your home so that burglars are deterred from breaking in.

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Remember your Car – Make sure that you include your car in your security preparations. Fit it with a good alarm such as this ghost immobiliser from MPH, and don’t leave any valuables in your car, particularly on display which is a lure for thieves.

Get an Alarm – There are lots of fantastic alarms on the market now that can keep your home safer. As well as being a good way to alert you to someone being in your home, they also act as a visual deterrent to thieves as it shows that they may well be caught if they enter.


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