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Planting Flowers To Plant Your Garden

Flowers are the perfect way to brighten up your garden. Spring flowers such as daffodils, dahlias, tulips and violets are perfect for beginning gardeners and also those who have a fairly large garden space to work with. Because there are so many different flowers that can be planted in each season, you should really spend some time thinking about what flowers you would like to have. There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy flowers in the dead of winter when your garden is so cold. Flowers add beautiful texture to any garden and in particular to those spaces available at Park Homes Gloucestershire way, such as those from Park Home Life that are designed for the over 55s.

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A great idea for a garden is to plant a mixture of many different flowers including daffodils, tulips, dahlias and violets. If you have not picked yet of the flowers you will want to plant these now. The violets look especially beautiful in the late spring and early summer. You can also plant daffodils at this time as they are very adaptable and will do well in most types of garden environments. Some may even choose to plant daisies in spring just to have a blooming daisy crop during the spring season.

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In addition to the flower arrangements you can plant a mixture of different vegetables. This would include peas, carrots, beans, corn and squash. Be sure to plant the larger vegetables at the back of the flower beds. This allows them the least amount of sunlight needed to survive. Also be sure to water the smaller plants well after the flowers come out of their dormancy period.


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