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Nordic style to decorate the children’s room

A decorative trend is still upward Scandinavian. Neutral, light colors and great simplicity of supplements are the premises of this Nordic style  to decorate the children’s room. 

Keys to decorate the children’s room at Nordic style

White is the tone that can not miss, always combined with others in the same line as the beige, gray, yellow or violet. Best refrain from blue or pink if you want a space that does not differentiate between sexes, and that your choice.

Nordic style to decorate the childrens roomOn the other hand, sobriety in the furniture is essential Nordic style, and lets leave ample space that serves as a playground for the children of the house. The material used is wood, closely linked to nature and easy to color.

Nordic cradle

The cradle, certainly the most important in the baby ‘s room. Nordic style imposes on us the color (and material) wood in different ways. You can choose a great cradle-rocker that will help the child calm down in moments of weeping or complaint.

Using the same components, more daring creations while imaginative ways that can adapt and add to the charm for child stay.

More complements Nordic style

The floor can be covered by a mini carpet with figures that give more dynamism to theplace or even serve as a playful reason for the baby itself. And you can not miss accessories like cushions, boxes, hanging objects or handmade toys of all kinds.

Now much it takes personalization. That is, that have mushroomed new ornamental elements such as vinyl , which can buy messages or drawings and prefabricated or even create them. Also they placed in a simple manner into the wall. Of course, before you order them you have to keep in mind that you do not have gotelé because the surface has to be smooth to apply good.

These messages custom can also translate into pillows, cushions, tables … .yes, pictures.It’s not so common to put a picture in the frame, it is also very positive or some meaning for the phrase daddies.

They give much play loose letters (the child’s name letter by letter, for example), and you can change them place and position, as well as becoming a toy for children.


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